G.H. #9: Killer Halloween Movies from Outer Space

In this episode of the Geekare Humanum podcast, Sindre and Renate discuss: Halloween traditions, great Halloween movies, Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Show Notes

Norwegian “Halloween Food” – SindrElf

In Norway we Trick-or-Treat on New Year’s Eve – SindrElf

My Top 10 Halloween Movies – SindrElf

Braindead (Dead Alive) – Trailer

The Shining – Trailer

Lovecraft Country – Trailer

Scream – Trailer

Scary Movie 3 – Funniest Parts

ParaNorman – Trailer

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Trailer

Nightmare Before Christmas level in Kingdom Hearts

Evil Dead 2 – Trailer

The Evil Dead 3: Army Of Darkness – “The Battle of Helm’s Deep”

The Thing – Trailer

Roald Amundsen – Wikipedia

Coraline – Trailer

Crimson Peak – Trailer

Cabin in the Woods – Trailer

Some Thoughts on Universal Monsters – SindrElf

Killer Klowns from Outer Space – Trailer

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