We Draft Rough, We Play Rough!


I just finished the rough draft for the last half of my script for the first issue of my upcoming comic-book! (The one I mentioned here.)

God, that was a mouthful ^


I’m already completely finished writing pages 1 to 15, so this draft was just for pages 16 to 25.

These pages centered mostly on introducing the villain, so it was a lot of dialogue. Dialogue often takes me longer to write than action scenes or characters just doing stuff.


Soon I’ll have it all neatly written down on my pc, then it is over in the hands of the artist.


It feels really good to have all the panels planned out.

So even if I don’t know exactly how to best describe them, at least I know what each panel should contain 🙂

One thought on “We Draft Rough, We Play Rough!

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