An Introduction to ‘Ninja Sex Party’

An Introduction to NSP

‘NSP’ is a musical comedy duo consisting of Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht, commonly known as Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian.


Their comedy is usually based on absurdism, both as part of their lyrics and as visual jokes in their music videos.

Danny may be singing a raunchy love song, while Ninja Brian casually murders random people in the background.


A lot of their jokes also revolve around Danny’s inflated sense of self-worth, particularly over his own coolness and sexual prowess.

Even when he sings about how awesome he is, that is not how you are supposed to see him.


An Explicit History


Danny Sexbang used to be a ninja like Brian, but he hung up his robes once he found his true calling.



Not long after, Danny met Ninja Brian, and the two started making sweet, sweet music together.

By that, I mean that they started a band.


While the duo usually work well together, sometimes there have been disagreements.

But these disagreements are usually quickly forgotten.


The two are also very charitable, and more than willing to help people in need.


This sense of duty to help their common man culminated in an event in which the band liberated the oppressed masses in the loveless year of 6969.

They say that there have never been a band more awesome than ‘Ninja Sex Party’.

Specifically, Danny Sexbang says this.


InterRail 2010 – Part 5: The Concert

aha 2010 farewell tour

In 2010, A-ha were going on a farewell tour.

They have had tours since then.


After my first night in Amsterdam, I met up with the guys I were going to the A-ha concert with.

To the best of my memories, they arrived early the day of the concert, and I met them in the reception for the hotel we were staying at.


This hotel was considerably more fancy than the motel I had stayed at the night before.

I did not ask, but I doubt I would have been able to buy any “cheese” in that reception.


We spent most of that day “getting ready” for the concert.


Even after what happened to me over a year earlier, I had still not gained the good sense to just stay away from beer entirely.

I am incredible lucky that my gout did not ruin the rest of my trip.

I don’t think that I even brought any of my medication.


The concert was held in the Heineken Music Hall, and it was great.

I had never really listened to A-ha that much before this, but I really enjoyed myself.

I particularly liked when they performed their theme tune to the 1987 James Bond film ‘The Living Daylights’.


In the next part; Exploring Amsterdam!