Jetpack (1993) – A Fond Childhood Memory

jetpack 1993

I was recently reminded of the existence of the 1993 video game Jetpack, when it was mentioned on an episode of the Watch Out For Fireballs podcast.

This game is a fond childhood memory for me.

My family often spent part of the summer with a friend of my mom when I was little.

She had three sons, who I would always end up playing Jetpack with.

Jetpack is a fun side-scrolling platformer with a robust level editor.

Think Mario Maker, but twenty-two years before Mario Maker.

jetpack 1993

Jetpack may in fact be the first video game I ever played.

But I never knew what it was called, since I had not learned any English at that point!

So after the podcast made me aware of this game again, I started looking around for some more info about the game.

I started by looking at some screenshots, and the visuals really took me back.

Keep in mind, I had not seen the game since I was in my single digits.

Seeing the little jetpack guy again really took me back, so this was a big hit of nostalgia for me.

I was surprised to learn that the game had been made by a single 16-year-old, Adam Pedersen.

He even made a sequel, Jetpack 2, released in 2017.

The sequel seems very similar to the original, with updated graphics and some more bells and whistles.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the old enemies and obstacles of the game with a new coat of paint.

With that in mind, I am looking forward to playing some more Jetpack soon.

As soon as I finish my gaming backlog, that is.

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