Seeking Your Audience

So you have written something.. Now what?

Now you have to find an audience to read it, and before you can find an audience, you have to seek it!


I often share my writing on different websites and social media, as I am not well known enough that I can expect an audience to come to me, so I have to come to the audience that would enjoy the content I put out.

I would like to share with you a few places I use for sharing different types of content:


If I have written something personal, I usually don’t share it anywhere else than my blog.


For visual stuff, like artwork or pictures, I share it on Imgur and on my Instagram.

Instagram requires building up a following, but images on Imgur will do well just as long as they are good.


I have set up my blog to auto-post on Twitter and my Facebook page, but these also require building a following to be effective sharing tools.



But my most effective sharing tool is Reddit!

This is mostly for content with a broad appeal, but there are many different subreddits for different topics, and in most cases you should be able to find the right place to share whatever you have created.

Keep in mind that Reddit does not like excessive self-promotion, so only one out of every ten things you share there should be self-promo.


But be warned, some Redditors are hellbent on making you feel miserable.

More of them are nice, even more are just silent, but negativity has a way of overpowering everything else.

I once got 6000 views on this post, as it got voted up at an overwhelming rate, but I still ended up feeling horrible as a result of the few people leaving negative comments in the Reddit thread.


I still use Reddit, but I have learned to temper my expectations, and expect negativity to be a byproduct of success.



Where do you share your creativity?


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            1. I don’t really care about Facebook anymore, I just feel like I need to have one.
              I barely even use it anymore.

              1. I happily went off it a while ago but now I have to promote the book and it looks like you must have it…..but I can’t really stay on top of it…😔

  1. Great insight into Reddit, often thought of using it, but tbh never looked into it. I tend to just use posting on wordpress and then using Twitter, which I still find very effective. I’ve never had Instagram, but I have Facebook page for my blog, and that’s useful as well. I did check out Reddit once a long time ago, but it looked very complicated, so I didn’t bother.

      1. It was the first social media I ever did. In fact, tbh, up till then I hardly knew how to switch a computer on, let alone blog and all the stuff I do now. In those early days, Twitter was a lot more fun an interactive than it is now. I just started chatted to people who liked the same as me, Dr Who, Comic Books, Movies, TWD ect and people just started following me. Then I started writing, first one a fan site, then my blog, and then on lots of other media sites. It kind of snowballed really on its own, I’ve been very lucky with it, its brought me lots of opportunities, and I’ve got to know some awesome people 🙂

        1. I started Twitter way too late, in late 2017.
          But it is quite fun 🙂

          What fan site do you write on?
          And what other media sites do you use the most?

          1. Twitter still has its moments, I agree. I think sadly all the politics and promotion tweets have spoiled it a bit. Otherwise, its still fun. I started with the Den, and then went on to Bag and Borded, which was all comics. Sadly, neither site runs or exists anymore, which is a shame. I tend to follow a mix of media sites and magazines, so that way you get fairly good and concise coverage of all the news. As for Twitter, yes I think being there in the early days was a big help. Now its not so easy to get into. Mind you, I’m a bit like that with Facebook, I still don’t really understand how that works LOL 🙂

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