Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game should head Far From Home

Marvel’s Spider-Man was my favorite PlayStation 4 game in 2018.

The game’s developer, Insomniac Games, perfectly represented Spider-Man’s rogues gallery and supportive characters.

And perhaps more importantly, they nailed Marvel Comics’ version of New York City, and the movement mechanics of the titular hero.

Swinging around New York in that game feels amazing!

Marvel's Spider-Man Far From Home

So where should Insomniac Games go with the sequel? Where can they go?

Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) was the perfect version of a “Spider-Man swings through New York” game. So beyond continuing the spectacular story, I don’t see a good enough reason to have another game set entirely in Spider-Man’s hometown.

Towards the end of playing the game, I started thinking about how the sequel should take inspiration from a storyline in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Marvel's Spider-Man

In that 2017 Marvel Studios movie, one of the best parts were when Peter Parker’s class went on a school trip to Washington D.C.

Naturally, Peter soon had to don his red and blue spandex once more, for a crime-fighting swing around the US capital.

The sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), built on this concept by taking Peter Parker’s class on a scientific school trip through Europe.

So this time we got to see Spider-Man in Venice, the Swiss Alps, Prague, Berlin, the Netherlands, and London.

Marvel's Spider-Man Far From Home

This is what I want from the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game!

Have Spider-Man travel the world on some kind of mission, so that I can swing around in some exotic locations!

Different locations could both be linear levels, and sandboxes of different sizes, a lot like how the journey in Metro Exodus was handled.

You could even have Miles Morales stay in New York. Then in some parts of the game you could control Miles’ Spider-Man back in New York, having to handle things there on his own while Peter Parker is away.

In short, after having seen Spider-Man: Far From Home, I might be disappointed with anything less than a Spider-Man road-trip game.

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