What the creators of Game Of Thrones could learn from Jackie Chan

What the Creators of Game Of Thrones could Learn from Jackie Chan

A lot of people are unhappy with the finale of Game Of Thrones. 

And while I think the ending was fine, it could definitely have been better.

The biggest problem with the last season has been the pacing.

I was happy with the ultimate fate of all the characters. But the creators of the show, David Benioff and D.B Weiss, tried to cram too much into too few episodes.

The last season could have been amazing if they just had the time to move the plot in the direction of where it was ending.

And there is something that makes this fact even more annoying.

The creators were offered as many episodes and as much money as they needed to finish the show properly.

In fact, HBO implored Benioff and Weiss to make more than they were planning to.

But they refused, claiming six episodes would be enough to wrap up everything.

It was clearly not, as many important plot threads were dropped entirely.

Now, I understand that spending a decade making a single program might start to get boring. Even if it was one of the greatest programs ever.

So I understand why they were eager to wrap up the show, so that they could go work on the Star Wars movies they were hired to direct.

But as I said, this was one of the greatest programs ever, and it deserved a final season that reflected that fact.

To quote Jackie Chan:

“Whatever you do, do the best you can. Because the film lives forever. Would you go to every theater to tell the audience that you did not have enough time? No! The audience sees in the theater: ‘Good movie!’ ‘Bad movie!’ That’s all.”

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