Video: The Norwegian Sesame Street

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Norwegian co-production of Sesame Street, I made this short documentary about the history of Sesam Stasjon. I’m very excited to tell you about Alfa, Bjarne Betjent, Max Mekker, Leonora Dorothea Dahl, O. Tidemann, and Py, who all live and work at a small train station in Norway.

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The Norwegian Sesame Street

On November 10th 1969, the children’s series Sesame Street premiered on PBS in the United States.

It became incredibly popular, and soon it’s influence started to reach beyond America’s borders. Over the years a large number of international co-productions of Sesame Street was produced.

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Anubis: Dog of Death #2 was successfully funded on Kickstarter

We just barely reached the funding goal for Anubis: Dog of Death #2 before the campaign ended yesterday. But we made it!

John Barry Ballaran is working on the art for Issue #2. While he’s working on that, I’m going to post monthly updates for the backers on Kickstarter. Not sure yet if these will be publicly available or not. If they include some content that the backers have paid for, I can obviously not post that to everyone. We’ll see what I do there.

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