Goomba Gumbo

Lately, I've been playing a lot of Super Mario Odyssey, and that has inspired me to make a dish based on Mario's mushroom enemies, The Goombas, for this month's geeky recipe.   The Goombas' looks are based on shiitake mushrooms, and are some of the most common enemies in the Mario games. So what's the best way to... Continue Reading →

The Cass Casserole with PBJ Sauce

For last month's geeky recipe I made The Scully Burger, based on FBI-agent Dana Scully, from The X-Files. I think it is only natural to move from The X-Files to Supernatural, just like many of the creative minds behind that show did.   In Supernatural, Castiel is an angel who sometimes helps the main characters, Sam and... Continue Reading →

The Scully-Burger

"Mulder, mushrooms aren’t medication. They taste good on hamburgers, but they don’t raise the dead." - Dana Scully Fans of the television show The X-Files may have noticed that FBI-agent Dana Scully really likes mushroom. Some may remember her love for mushroom-pizza, but it is mushroom-hamburgers that I have in mind for this month's geeky recipe. For this you will need burger... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year! 2018, woooo!

2017 has been weird. But for myself it has been pretty great.   Me and my girlfriend bought and moved into our own apartment, as opposed to renting. It has resulted in some furniture shopping,but not more than I can handle 😉 I won Best New Designer for my card game in the yearly Print&Play-contest on Board Game Geek. And... Continue Reading →

Rudolph the Red Roast Reindeer

Have you ever looked at Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and thought "Yummy!"? No? Well maybe you should.   This months geeky recipe will show you how to make a tasty reindeer christmas-roast, with baked vegetables and a red wine sauce.   The Roast 1. First start by chopping up the vegetables, you can use whatever vegetables you... Continue Reading →

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