Ninja Anubis

To celebrate December 5th, International Ninja Day, the main character of my comic¬†Anubis: Dog of Death dressed up as Ninja Brian from¬†Ninja Sex Party, one of my favorite comedy bands. He already had the right eyebrows, so the costume didn't need much more.  

Anubis the Mummy

This is the first of many bonus images we have planned of Anubis dressed up for a holiday. We already have some plans for Christmas ūüėČ   In this first one, Anubis' new owner has dressed him up for Halloween! She'd better watch out‚Ķ   . Check out the comic archive here! and Support us... Continue Reading →

Universal Monsters

Last October I listed my ten favorite Halloween movies, so this time I decided to write about some Halloweeny films I've seen since then.   Earlier this year, my girlfriend¬†bought a blu-ray box set collection¬†of old Universal Studios monster movies. I enjoyed all of these film on some level, but a few of them did... Continue Reading →

Jonathan Coulton’s Horror Songs

As we are closing in on this year's Halloween, I wanted to share some of my¬†favorite songs with themes fitting for this holiday. Turns out almost all of them were¬†Jonathan Coulton songs!   I hope¬†you will enjoy¬†this collection of tunes,¬†and that it can¬†help you if you ever¬†need to make a Halloween party playlist.   .... Continue Reading →

The Acid Zombie

I decided to make a mixed drink for this month's¬†geeky recipe, and it is naturally Halloween themed. It is a slight variation on a mojito, with extra lime and mint leaves, topped with a frozen "brain" containing water and blackcurrant juice.   For a single glass, you'll need to mix: 4 centilitres of lime juice... Continue Reading →

Norwegian Russ Celebration

The Russ Celebration in Norway is in many ways like the American Spring Break, with many partaking in an excess of sex, alcohol and silliness. It is a weeks long graduation celebration by Norwegian upper secondary schoolers, taking place in May of every year. The pupils who partake in this celebration¬†are called "russ". They traditionally¬†wear... Continue Reading →

My Cabin Trip to The Planet Hoth

In 1997 I, my younger¬†sister, my father and my mother all stayed at a cabin in Finse, a small mountain village in Hordaland county, Norway. Only eighteen years earlier, director George Lucas had used this area to film the outdoor scenes for the ice planet Hoth, featured in the¬†fantastic movie¬†'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back'.... Continue Reading →

Easter Crime

In Norway, one of our main Easter traditions is reading and watching crime fiction, which we will often sit down to enjoy after a long nice walk in the snow. We call these stories¬†"Easter-crime".   The stories do not have to involve Easter, but they have to involve crime, mostly in the form of detective... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Sappiness

Today, seeing how it is Valentine's day, I will write about my love for my girlfriend. Sorry, but this is the day for it, and she is great.   We have been together for over six years now, our anniversary was almost a month ago. I met her in the cash-register she was working in... Continue Reading →

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