Why You Should Play Games


There are numerous physical and mental health benefits to gaming, but these are seldom on my mind when I decide to sit down with a game.

Instead, what motivates me is to experience other lands, other worlds, even other identities. All from the comfort of my own living-room.



Playing games scratches the same mental itch for me as books do.

Both make me feel like I am inhabiting another life, in a way movies do not.

Movies and television lets you see the experiences of other people – games and books lets you feel them.



So why not just stick to books? Interactivity, that’s why!

While a book can portray other people from within their very being, only games lets you be that person.

A tragic choice takes on another meaning when you are the one who has to make it.

A scary or safe environment feels even more so, when you are the one who are inhabiting it.



If you have not yet given gaming enough of a chance, I think you should.

You deserve to experience what it has to offer.

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