Norwegian Patriot

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17th of May, 2005

Yesterday was the Norwegian Constitution Day, so I figured I would write a bit about how I feel about Norway.

17th of may

17th of May, 2011

While not being very vocal about it, I do feel patriotic about Norway.

And to be clear, when I say patriotic, that is what I mean, not nationalistic. I do not think Norway or Norwegians are inherently any better than any other nation or their people.

I am simply proud of many aspects of Norway, and welcome anyone who would wish to move or visit here.

17 may

17th of May, 2015

I am proud of our nature, our cities, our foodour traditional food, our painters, our diversity, our traditions, our celebrations, and a lot of other things I have not written about yet.


I am also proud that Norway is quite good at taking care of our citizens, and that even most of our right-wing politicians would be viewed as left-leaning by Americans.

This could always be better. Like many countries, we could spare more money for health care, particularly to elder care.


But even with all of these reasons for being proud of my country, I fully understand that the biggest reason is that I was born here.

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