I Made A Weird Video

When I was a teen, I made YouTube videos.

They were mostly badly acted sketches and fan-tributes to Doctor Who, using music and footage that I did not own.


I have recently been thinking about getting back into it, but this time I want to make completely original stuff, using content I am allowed to.


The video above is the first I have made in years.

It may not be very good, and the absurdist humor may not be for everyone, but making this video was a necessity to move on.


I had to learn a new editing system, familiarise myself with all the changes YouTube has made since I was last active there, and work out how I should handle my microphone.

Next time, I will talk normally, and not go super low or speak too loudly.


I also bought a year-long subscription to a stock photo/video/audio site, so I also had to familiarise myself with that.



This may not have been my greatest work, but it is an important step in the right direction.

Next video will be better, and will be done faster.

Hopefully 😛

The 8 Best Songs from ‘Miracle of Sound’

miracle of sound - gavin dunne

I recently rediscovered one of my favorite musicians, Gavin Dunne, aka ‘Miracle of Sound’.


I usually spend my listening-time on podcasts, but when I am in the mood for music, I like stuff that has lyrics worth paying attention to.

That often means comedy or musicals (e.g. Hamilton), but ‘Miracle of Sound’ also fits in that category.

Gavin Dunne often takes a video game, movie or tv-show, and makes a song based on it. The lyrics always reflects the events and spirit present in the works he draws on, in a very interesting way.

I like all his music, but I love the songs based on something I am familiar with the most, as those hit me in a way that the ones based on works I don’t know could not.


I have here tried to find my favorite song out of each of his main albums (the ones named “Level #”), while also trying to keep my choices as diverse as his various music-styles.

If you like this stuff, you can buy his albums here!

Here goes!


Level 1: Sovngarde Song

“Level 1” has the most tracks out of all of these albums, so this was a very hard Choice to make. (Honestly, I should probably just have made a Top Ten or Top Five list of songs in each album. Maybe later…)

‘Sovngarde Song’ presents the awesome scale of the world in Skyrim, the fifth Elder Scrolls game.

This is a more recent remaster, but it is still the same song, so I felt that would be ok.


Level 2: Take It Back!

This was a song he got to make as promotion for Mass Effect 3, back before that game came out.

Such a good war-anthem, pumping you up to reclaim Earth from The Reapers!


Level 3: Dream Of The Sky

Listening to this song again is what gave me the idea to write this whole thing.

The song has so many aspects, just like Bioshock Infinite itself!


Level 4: Forever Blue

Both a deep dive into the psychology of the main character of Breaking Bad, Walter White, AND a pun on the color of the meth he makes.

Good stuff!


Level 5: Wake The White Wolf

“Level 5” is almost as long as “Level 1”, so this was also a hard choice.

But this song is as awesome as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt itself, so that made the choice slightly easier.


Level 6: Friends

I love Guardians of the Galaxy, so I love this song.

Easy as that.


Level 7: The Man Who Rocked The World

This is a lovely tribute to the late great David Bowie.

My girlfriend has a hard time listening to this song, as she gets too sad.


Level 8: Upside Down

The retroness of this song mirrors the retroness of Stranger Things.

Absolutely lovely!



That was it, but pretty sure I will do a Top Something for each of the albums at some point, as there were too many awesome songs that I had to leave be for now.

I hope I may have introduced him to someone reading this 🙂


What are some of your favorite songs?