The London Eye – A Cure for Vertigo?

london eye 1

After a long break from curating my own Facebook photos, the previous one being photos from a glacier hike, I am now continuing.

This time the subject will be a vacation I had with my mother and sister in London in the summer of 2008, nearly ten years ago, and in this post I want to focus on an experience I had in the giant ferris wheel The London Eye.

london ayayay

I have always been afraid of heights. I think it has something to do with “The Call of the Void” – the thought of how easily I could destroy myself, or get destroyed by a loose railing or something banal like that.

So I was quite surprised by how little this fear effected me at the top of The London Eye.

london eye 2

I think it has something to do with how slowly the wheel moves. The snail-speed may have been the cause of the horribly long que we had to wait in to get on, but I think it may have moved so slow that it was impossible not to slowly get used to the altitude.

london eye 3

The amazing view may also have distracted me some – but when I was on top of The Empire State Building many years later I was scared shitless, and the view there is great aswell.

If you want to see more of the pictures I took that summer click here 🙂


How do you handle heights?

Do you have any other fears?

Technology – The Great Divide


My cousin snapped this awesome picture when we were helping my mother move last saturday.


Don’t worry, we were much more social the rest of the day 😉

At the end we even grabbed some take-away chinese food, and met my girlfriend at our apartment (she had been working up to that point) to eat and relax after all the work.


What makes the picture even more ironic is the fact that he took it with his own phone!

Three people, all in the same room, doing three widely different things with their phones, instead of interacting.