InterRail 2010 – Part 8: Stonehenge


After arriving in England the first place I intended to visit was Salisbury in Wiltshire, to see the prehistoric monument located just outside the town.


Before taking the trip out to Stonehenge itself, I decided to take a look around Salisbury, and found their lovely cathedral.


Stonehenge was far enough away from Salisbury that there were shuttle buses going back and forth from there.

It was sort of a shock to me to see just how close Stonehenge is located to a fairly well-trafficked road, but it was far enough away for me to practically ignore it.


When I and my fellow passengers stepped of the bus, we were greeted by a gaggle of wiccans, druids and pagans handing out pamphlets and picketing the tourism industry around Stonehenge.

The security and ticket takers seemed very annoyed by this.



Once I got behind the fence, everything calmed down a bit.

But I did sort of see the point that the protesters were making, in that it seems wrong to me that Stonehenge is located behind a bunch of fences, and not free to be explored.

But if that were the case, I bet that the structure would have long since been divided up in thousands of souvenir pieces, scattered all over the world.



Stonehenge, and other structures like it, has always fascinated me.

There is something about a lone man-made structure located in the middle of a beautiful natural environment that really speaks to me on a personal level.

So much so that I keep having the urge to create when I am out in nature.



After I was done looking at the monument, I headed back to Salisbury with the shuttle bus.

And from there I hopped on a train to Cardiff, Wales!


Harry Potter and The Books That Made Me A Reader

harry potter og mysterie kammeret norsk norwegian cover

In the year 2000, when I was nine years old, my mother read the first Harry Potter book for me and my younger sister over the course of several nights.

After she had finished, I was still so entranced by the world which had been presented to me that I reread it several times on my own.


While I did not understand it at the time, what I love about ‘Harry Potter’ is that they are mystery-novels disguised as fantasy.

Reading ‘Harry Potter’ often feels more like reading ‘Sherlock Holmes’ than reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’.


My mother must have noticed my entrancement, because later that year, during my tenth winter, I got the newly Norwegian-translated second and third Harry Potter book for Christmas.

I would go on to reread the three books I had, again and again, for almost an entire year.

When the fourth book arrived in 2001 I just added that to my rereading of the other books, until I did the same with the fifth one when the Norwegian version arrived in 2003.


By the time the seventh and last book arrived in 2007, I had started slowing my rereading down a bit, and had started expanding my reading list.

To this day, I have only read the last book once, despite the fact that I love it as much as the rest of them.



While I at the time was annoyed by how many of the cool small details that I liked had been removed from the movies, I have later realised just how lucky we were to get a film-series which were that closely modeled on the source material.

And I always enjoyed the fact that I was always exactly in the target demographic for each movie as it came out. Almost exactly the same age as the main characters, as I grew up alongside Harry Potter and his friends.

At the closest we were exactly the same age, and at the furthest away I was a little over three years older than Harry, as the last film came out.

But while I eventually aged quicker than the character, I never outgrew Harry Potter.


5 Raunchy NSP Songs

5 NSFW NSP Songs

The comedy band Ninja Sex Party are juvenile as a rule, but these five songs are some of their most explicit.

Prudes beware!


You Can Do Us

NSP rocks up at the Annual Women’s Appreciation Buffet, where they attempt to inspire the attendees to achieve their goals.

To have sex with them.


Three Minutes Of Ecstasy

Danny Sexbang boasts about his sexual prowess.

It is all very impressive.


Why I Cry

Do you like sensitive men?

Danny Sexbang is the most sensitive man in the gosh darn world!


Road Trip

Danny almost falls in love, but instead travels across the world to bone everything in sight.


Orgy For One

No one showed up for Danny’s orgy, but that ain’t gonna stop him!




Ninja Brian is also hanging around in these videos.

But pay him no mind, and maybe he will let us live.