Lessons I’ve Learned Since Starting My New YouTube Channel

SindrElf YouTube channel - lessons learned

I made my first YouTube channel in 2006, only a year after the launch of the platform.

It is now thirteen years later.

That old Youtube channel only has 37 videos and 187 subscribers.

It’s riddled with copyrighted material, and I have not uploaded a new video to it in over five years.

So it won’t surprise you that when I was starting to consider making some YouTube videos in conjunction with this blog, I wanted to start from scratch. With a brand new YouTube profile!

I also wanted the new profile to bear the same name as my blog. To make it easy for people to seek me out from one platform to the next.

So with that, the SindrElf YouTube channel was created!

Now, I’ve not made enough videos lately to actually get any good at it, but I’m getting there.

But I do learn something new while making each video, and maybe some of those lessons could be of use to others.

So here’s a few things I learned from making each of the seven videos on my new profile!

1. My First YouTube Video

When I started this project, I had to get a lot of basics down before I could move on to trying to improve.

I had to learn a new editing software, namely HitFilm Express.

I had to learn how to edit audio in Audacity.

Naturally, I did not want my new YouTube channel to have any copyrighted material in it. So I signed up for a year-long membership at a stock video provider.

2. 5 Informations About Ducks

Now that I had access to stock video and audio, I wanted to use what I had available to me.

So I decided I would use stock video of several ducks, and make a comedic video with both facts and jokes about ducks.

Turns out, a YouTuber by the name of zefrank1 had already made a gigantic series called True Facts with this exacts same concept. And he had done it much better than me.

What I learned here is that most ideas are taken, so I should try to make something that only I can make. Easier said than done.

After the second video, I started work on another video containing a lot of stock footage. This time of sheep.

I soon lost the interest and will to keep spending so much time editing video.

It would be a year before I started working on my third released video.

3. Skeleton Headbangers

After an entire year of not making any videos, I needed to make something short and simple before getting into full steam again.

This certainly helped.

4. Sofa Shop – End of an Era

I was inspired to make this by an episode of a podcast I like, and I’ll take inspiration wherever I can find it.

Making this video taught me some more complex audio editing skills in Audacity.

5. I’m Creating YouTube Habits

This is the video I am most happy with among these seven, and this is the style of video I want to aim for in the future.

No more stock video with my voice over it!

And while I regret giving the promise of releasing a new video each week, I still think I need to keep trying to release videos continually. If I don’t keep it up, I’m going to have another year-long break before too long.

I also figured out that my audio recordings were much worse when I had my laptop plugged in to certain outlets in my apartment.

Turns out, grounded outlets are better for audio quality than ungrounded ones.

So now I just unplug my laptop when I record audio.

6. Robot Factory Malfunction [electronic music]

I taught myself the basics of the online electronic music software Soundtrap.

It is similar to the Apple exclusive music software GarageBand.

I also learned that it was not very smart to try to crank as many lightning bolt effects into the video that HitFilm Express would let me.

The rendering time on this video took foooreeeeeveeer.

7. Found Cryptid Footage – The Elder Lamb

Now that I was getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to finish off the project I had started before I took my long break.

This was a very bad idea, considering that this video was part of the reason I had taken the break to begin with.

With this video, I had made a very difficult job for myself.

First off, it is fiction, something that brings with it an entire new set of problems. It is much hader to make a video with a fictional story than to simply convey factual information in an entertaining way.

I am somewhat skilled in writing fiction, but conveying it in a video format is another matter entirely.

The video also required a lot of editing.

First all the stock video had to be put together.

But then the video also needed a lot of really finicky special effects editing, and that is not something I have the patience to pull off effectively.

This last video may be the worst one I have made, so much so that it prompted me to write this article.

But at least now I know what not to make in the future!

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