Top 5 Songs from ‘MoS: Level 9’

Almost a year ago, I shared my favorite song from each ‘Miracle of Sound’ album.

I later made a Top 10 or Top 5 list for each album, depending on how big the album was to begin with.

Gavin Dunne has now released his ninth Level album, so I’m here to give it the same treatment as I did for the previous ones!

5. Setting Sun

A heartfelt country song inspired by the western game Red Dead Redemption 2, with a few lines calling back to his Redemption Blues song, inspired by the first Red Dead Redemption game.

4. Starting Over

Another country song, this time inspired by the disappointing Fallout 76.

Just goes to show that you can make something good out of anything, even out of something bad.

3. Machine Hearts

I have not played NieR: Automata yet (due to my huge backlog), but the beautiful guest vocals by Sharm makes that point moot.

Great song, can’t wait to play this game!

2. Giants Fall

Shadow Of The Colossus is an epic and hauntingly beautiful game, just like this song based on it.

1. The Death of Rock ‘N’ Roll

While rock is not as present in mainstream culture as it once was, it has evolved and found new homes.

Rock is not dead, and this song has a ton of soul!

If you liked these songs, you can buy the album here!

Making Vertical Comics

I recently started sharing Anubis: Dog of Death on Line Webtoon, an internet comic portal.

We got a lot of praise, but there was one thing they wanted us to change about the comic.

They wanted us to make it vertical.

The idea would be that we could space the comic out by separating and enlarging the individual panels, so that it would fit Webtoon’s scrolling format, and so that people could appreciate the details more.

I asked John if he would be willing to start drawing the pages like that instead of in the traditional print-page format, but he felt that we would lose the dynamic composition we had.

So instead, I decided to make a Webtoons edit of each page John draws, and post both versions to Line Webtoon.

You can see those vertical pages by clicking this link!

I have also started a seperate comic on Line Webcomic for bonus and behind-the-scenes content for ‘Anubis: Dog of Death’ that we are calling Anubis Doodles.

You can see that by clicking this link!

I have also tried to post these comics to another internet comic portal called Tapas, but have seen much less success there so far.

Check out Anubis: Dog of Death and Anubis Doodles on Tapas!