One Thousand Words – Abridged

Back in January I decided I would try out a writing advice from the famous novelist Stephen King, who talks about how you should write a thousand words each day, and to not even worry about quality, and then go back to edit it later. The idea being to get words written down, damn quality or any other factors that are stopping you from... Continue Reading →


During my summer holiday, I managed to get a bunch of files out of an old broken computer of mine. I just stumbled unto the image above, along with the two variations you can see below. I think I attempted to make a series of new reaction image memes, to be used when chatting on forums.... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Tim Minchin Songs

Tim Minchin is an Australian musical comedian, usually performing with a grand piano, and sometimes with an entire orchestra. In later years, he has won several awards for his Broadway musicals 'Mathilda' and 'Groundhog Day', but I will always associate him with his stage comedy. Here are ten of my favorite songs of his, in no particular order.... Continue Reading →

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