InterRail 2010 – Part 3: Köln

1 Køln 2

After exploring Berlin, I moved on towards Amsterdam.

To get there I had to travel via Köln, also known as Cologne.


There was a lot of time to kill in between the train from Berlin and the train to Amsterdam, so I decided to check out the Kölner Dom, the Cologne Cathedral.

Mostly due to its vicinity to the train station, and its striking look.


Like a lot of the great architecture I have seen, the cathedral was under maintenance when I was there.

But not so much that I could not appreciate its grandeur.

1 Køln

After taking a lot of pictures, that turned out to be way too dark to see anything clearly, I headed for a nearby cafe.

By the time I had sated my appetite, it was time to jump on the next train!




In the next part; My first night in Amsterdam.


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  1. Beautiful cathedral, but even if it is dark inside the cathedral, it showed off the beautiful stained windows which would not be so visible if it was well lit in there.

    1. True 🙂
      There were a lot of other cool things in there that did not turn out well in my photos, so I would recommend searching for the cathedral on Google.

  2. This literally gave me flashbacks to when I was on an exchange with my school when I was 15. We visited this cathedral and I thought it was the most amazing building ever. I had never been near a building so immense (I’m from Ireland, we don’t deal in big). Thanks for the memories. 🙂

    1. My girlfriend tells me there are a lot of cool castles in Ireland though.
      I really want to visit both Irelands sometime, and Scotland, maybe on the same trip.

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